8th Battalion 4th Artillery

News From The Battalion
Vol 1, Issue 6
May 27, 2005
Dan Hafeman, Editor
Notes from the Chairman- by Larry Martin
Membership Statistics- by Bill Prichard
Treasurer’s Report- by Charles Adams
Sample Lifetime Membership Card- by Larry Martin
TAPS- by Dan Hafeman
Note on 2004 Battalion Knives- by Gerald F. Mazur

  Notes from the Chairman [Top] [End]


We are sixteen months away from our next reunion, and there is starting to be some excitement in the air. As you can imagine, discussion regarding the memorial and the plans for the reunion are foremost in the minds of the association officers. We thank you for the trust you have put in us through our election and all of your continued support. Rest assured, we are trying our best to do what is right for our association..
Below, I will give an up-date on the issues we are addressing at this time.
1. Reunion - The 2006 Reunion will be held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of August of 2006. I know this conflicts with what was reported in the last newsletter, but this could not be helped. We simply had to have more time for the selecting of a design and the construction of our memorial. For those of you that attended the 2002 Reunion in Lawton, the 2006 Reunion will be held at the same location, however it is now a Best Western. Details will be available as we get closer to the date of the Reunion. We will be having the pool side barbeque. I think some of us enjoyed that. We also are planning a lot of "together time" while we are there. The spring of 2006 newsletter will include a reunion agenda.
2. The Memorial - Ike Smith has resigned as chairman of the memorial committee, but will remain available for consultation regarding the memorial. I will now be the chairman along with Charles White as co-chairman. The other members of the memorial committee are Fred James and Gene Ghio. On Friday, April 29th, a design was submitted to the association committee and has been approved by the committee. With the approval of the design, we now need to contact Ft. Sill and make sure the design is acceptable to them. Once that is done, we will kick our fund raising into high gear. We fully anticipate having the memorial erected in time for the reunion. At this time we are considering some fund raising possibilities. Selling bricks in the walkway to the memorial, selling raffle tickets, contacting local service clubs, etc. All of you will have a chance to be involved in the fund raising and be a part of getting this done. The memorial isn't about any of us, it is about our fallen brothers that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.
3. Search for Members - We continue to search for members of our battalion that served with us in Viet Nam. Thanks to Roger Schmidt aka Gunbunny, we have found several new guys in the last few weeks. Again, I would encourage you to review our lost list, rack your brain to remember guys that may not be on the list, and let people know who you want to find. Our strength will be in our numbers.
4. The Auxiliary group for the wives has been formed and has the following address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/8-4artywives
5. The system for collecting dues for 1 year, 5 years, and lifetime is in place. I believe this is working very well. Thank you, General Smith for the suggestion of sending a bill with the last newsletter.
6. Brian O'Neill is still working on completing the by-laws of our organization.
7. Newsletters will continue to be mailed only to dues paying member of our organization. The exception will be the newsletter announcing the next reunion.
Let's continue to work toward our mutual goals.

Larry Martin, Chairman

  Membership Statistics [Top] [End]

Membership account as of 28 April 2005 statistics are as follows:

Total members paid for 2005 - 193
New members as of 2005 - 52

Of the current members we have 33 lifetime members, 62 members paid up through 2009, and 4 paid up through 2010.

Of the lifetime members 6 were new members.

Of the 5 year plan subscribers 18 were new members.

Past year membership levels with dues paid current were approximately as follows:

2001 - 141
2002 - 144
2003 - 118
2004 - 117

There are approximately 115 men who have been a member in a previous year who are not currently paid up for 2005.

Bill Prichard, Secretary

  Treasurer’s Report [Top] [End]

From February 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005

Cash on hand as of February 1, 2004$ 6,495.59
Deposits received from February 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005 (dues, book deposits, 2004 reunion funds, etc)


Items paid out from 02/01/2004 to 03/30/2005:

Battalion newsletters
$ 998.33
Association checking account fees
Book bindery expenses
Association officer’s expense reimbursements
Miscellaneous gift expenses (funerals, etc.)
Branson travel for Edna & Erica (book editor)


Total Items Paid Out

Cash on hand as of April 30, 2005

  Sample Lifetime Membership Card [Top] [End]

  TAPS [Top] [End]

Names of comrades who have passed on since our last newsletter:

Harold K. Alexander C Btry 67
Harley Meshew
Junior R. Brown Svc Btry 70-71
Fred Milton
James W. Ethridge C Brty 67-68
Jacob Prince
Hosie L. Maxwell 68-69
Jack A. Rhone B Btry 70-71
Gerald “Buzz” McAninch Svc Btry 67-68
Robert F. Titt C Btry 67-68

  Note on 2004 Battalion Knives [Top]

ll of the Battalion Knives for 2004 are SOLD. NONE are left. I had calculated the cost for the Bn Knives so that I would NOT get burned, but also my net would only be a couple dollars. HOWEVER…Owing to the fact that postal and envelope costs were LESS THAN ANTICIPATED, I have a “profit” of $171.84. I’ve always said that should I come out to the good on these knife sales, the extra money would go to our association. This profit is now going to go to our Memorial Fund. My payment --- pleasing my brothers.

IGOR (Gerald F. Mazur)